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  • Spiro

    Just to clarify i changed the tittle and removed drunk… there has not been any official release of info stating what she was under the influence of. sorry for jumping to conclusions, that is not what I'm about. I will update as soon as the info becomes available. Much Love! RIP Condolences

  • Zarko Vukelic

    notice that they sent 8 helicopters here and zero to the UCC SHOOTING FRAUD??? That's because this Horrible event was real NOT STAGED!!!!OMG the poor families that have to live through this.

  • Brandi Eckert

    Ditto. Condolences and love going out. ~♡~ I wonder if Obama will come out with a speech on ridding the world of alcohol…or cars. Better still…bet the family and friends aren't discussing new legislation first thing tomorrow! Such a senseless and tragic event. May we be able to support the victims without demonizing the perpetrator. HURTING PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE…in one way or another. Maybe THAT should be considered by the collective when we throw hurting people away to hurt more, instead of caring enough to ask the hard questions and maybe actually start working towards understanding a ROOT CAUSE somewhere within. Much love and support to all involved. My heart will be sending all the love that I have over the coming weeks. ~♡~

  • Russell Anders

    I don't think she is a piece of trash. She is another sinner that needs savedby grace and the forgiveness that Jesus Christ offers us all. But for the Grace of God there go I. am sure most of us maybe have driven when we had no business doing so.

  • Jason Goldthwait

    this lady had no intention of this even if she was drinking. she must be sick right now from this. remember guys thats every story has two sides!

  • Joey Friend

    Nobody cares that her employer thought she was on drugs and sent her home. If she was to messed up to work the police should have been called to take her home. And it could also be a bad reaction to prescription medications. So before you throw her to the wolves let's get all the facts. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this tragedy.

  • truth buster

    yes its a tragedy but her car was a newer model car probably with navigation and WiFi lets say some one hacked into it and caused "a malfunction "