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  • mary ellwood

    Remember the first time I ever heard this my oldest brother had just returned from overseas working on oil rigsthere I think it was Alaska or somewhereand had this on a tape before it was released mainstream on the radio in NZ – we were impressed to say the least

  • Mark Maysey

    I think what makes this song so damn good is the fact the singer Don Henley is also playing the drums, he never skips a beat and sings every lyrical note with outstanding phrasing and raw emotion. This is so good and they make it look so easy. One of the best bands and music of all times, well in my years here anyway.

  • C3- PO

    I was in that show with my buddy R2-D2. Back in the day we were the biggest stars on earth. We got in the backstage and met the Eagles. It was kinda weird cause R2 had a lot of acid and though that Joe Walsh was an owl, so he spend some time trying to shoo him

  • The Invincible Explorer

    We are all just prisoners here of our own device. People are imprisoned by their own mind, the truth will set your mind free. Google Truth Contest and read the top entry. Nothing could be more important or worthwhile than checking the truth for yourself.

  • Umar Khalid

    Huge fan of Eagles from Pakistan ❤️. I was born in 1988 and by the age of 13 i remember me and my friends tried to karaoke this song in my school at farewell function on stage and till today been listening and singing this song makes me feel more nostalgic and fall for Hotel California every single time and that guitaring is simply amazing and one of its kind. I love such story telling parts in songs and that Don's voice and Joe's guitaring make this song as Evergreen song. Love u Eagles.

  • Dick “Certain Kind of Fool” Burns

    ok I admit I don't personally know any of these musicians. I can't finger who is the guilty party here….but. 1) Felder was afucking guitar genius; 2) Walsh did make even better music with Felder; 3) Felder did get fucked in the ass byGlenn Frey; 4) GlennFreywas probably so high on coke during that time he couldn't spell his name; 5) and lastly the Eagles now are a relic of their former selves. I wouldn't spend a dime on them now for what they are…GREEDY RATS.

  • Mark Lynch (Lynchy)

    Last thing I remember, I was
    Running for the door
    I had to find the passage back
    To the place I was before.
    "Relax, " said the night man,
    "We are programmed to receive.
    You can check-out any time you like,
    But you can never leave! "