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  • Marco Clarke

    I guess because first take is on ESPN they couldn't mention it was Chris Mortenson horrendous report that published those lies to the NFL, Chris also stated he got his information from people who work for the league.

  • Gweinman

    I'm hoping that not only does the Judge free Tom Brady, he gives the Pats back the draft picks and the money. What a load of smelly stuff. Goodell should be fired immediately

  • Don Mega

    Major props to Skip for being the ONLY ESPN personality to come out and say the NFL used "certain media" to disseminate bad information to make their case. He didn't call out Mort by name because that would have pushed it to perhaps his own being suspended and in truth Mort was given bad info. The league just let it marinate in the public's eye because they had a real credibility issue if they backtracked and had to admit they screwed up again after an entire year of tripping over their own feet.
    This as blown up into something that should have been an issue for the competition commitee to fix in the off season butNFL V.P. of game operations Mike Kensil had a vendetta against the Patriots and now Goodell has to cover for him.
    Hopefully the judge sees all of this and rules zero games for Brady and overturns all punishment in this modern day witch hunt. Skip you have BIG STONES!

  • Keith L.

    Brady destroyed his phone because people were posting his family pictures online and selling his information to perverts who were stalking his kids! For Goodell to ignore the threats to Brady's family is unconscionable.

  • David Ela

    It goes back to the root cause of this issue. If I were Judge Berman, I would ask the NFL who initiated the concern about deflated footballs. To me, that is the question that must be answered first! If it came from NFL offices, did they ever contact the Patriots about this concern. If not, then they set them up. Everything else that occurred after that would be moot, since it would be a non issue. The NFL is throwing everything against the wall hoping some stuff sticks!

  • Luís Meneses

    From Europe i can tell Kensil Troy Goodell and his mafia minions should be destroyed. Brady and New England Patriots are HUGE! The Nº1 team in Europe. The only teams that could get close are the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. NFL STIKNS! NFL=FIFA. All this nonsense because a less of air in a football game. You´re the most pathetic country in the WORLD! Your country is full of HATE! I´ve never seen in my long life such a hate against a team, even in soccer, where rivalries are just like WWIII. Even if Tom Brady had use some balls with less air, i would forgive him in a bit of second, because every quarterback loves their footballs in his special away. Referees never care about that s***. Please stop that crap. Advantage, in what way? Less has some disadvantages too. 5 million dollars in a scientific poor (F) report (F). How could a judge or anyone else, a honest scientist believe in that wells report? Wells and Exponent in Europe would be just out of work. Phone? The phone of roger rabbit goodell in ray rice case? Is that one? Where is it? This story stinks and have so much loopholes, that roger rabbit goodell should be investigated by the FBI and he should answer in front of congress hearing. I want all the communications of that clown for the last 15 years. And we will see where is the corrupt weasels inside the NFL. Rapists, DUI, Murderers, Women Offenders, Peds, Drugs, Ice, Pederasts, Stycky Glum Cheaters and so on, nothing happens, oh a lit less air and all the mediots go crazy, because they are a bunch of losers. Spygate, Jets do it in 2006, nothing happens, Tuck Rule (Legal) against the Patriotsi n a game with the jets, no problem, Tom Brady Tuck Rule is called, so he cheats loooool. Jets Tampering oh who cares? Pumping the noise Colts and others? Who cares? Text Messaging? Who cares? Tripping players? Who cares? Heating balls in live broadcasting game? Who cares? Salary Cap cheat, Broncos and others. Who cares? Favre does not give his phone.Who cares? Ravens coach was outsmarted, CHANGE THE RULES. Payton Lemming does not win a super bowl, CHANGE THE WR RULES. JOE MONTANA, GIVE MY HUGS TO THE STICKY GUM JERRY RICE, ALL FOR THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME. MY HUGS TO 70´s STEELERS, A TEAM WITH SO MANY HOF WITH THE WORLD RECORD OF PEDS USAGE., ALL FOR THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME. Face it the, NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS are the best franchise of the NFL and of the XXI century, they are up there with the Cowboys, Steelers, 49 Niners, 14 years 6 super bowl finals, 4 super bowl wins, and so on. 14 years with hernandez destroying PATS salary Cap, with penalties that stolen them 1st round picks, with terrible defenses and with mediocre offenses, without HOF or a lot of Pro Bowlers, with a lot of bad luck with injuries almost any season, specially in the play offs, and son, and they still DO THEIR JOB! TOM BRADY IS THE BEST PLAYER NOT QUARTERBACK, PLAYER OF ALL TIMES. WITH SO LITTLE HE DID THE IMPOSSIBLE, AND EVERY YEAR WITH A LOT OF NEW GUYS HE HAVE DONE MAGIC. IN SALARY CAP ERA. THATS GREATNESS! JUST DESTROYED ON OF THE TOP 3 DEFENSES OF ALL TIME! SOME SAY IS THE BEST EVER! STOP THE HATE. EMBRACE GREATNESS WHEN YOU SEE IT, BECAUSE YOU COULD NEVER SEE IT AGAIN! JUST ENJOY! HEY IF SOMEDAY I COULD SEE ANOTHER GUY LIKE THAT EVEN IF IT IS NOT A PLAYER OF MY FAVORITE TEAM I WILL DIE AN HAPPY MAN!

  • jackhandy00

    this case is contract/labor law. Tom Brady, by virtue of being a representedNFLPA member,gave Goodell contractual authority to do this, to "protect" the league. The hill is steep for Brady, and thePats.

  • Luke Gustin

    Does ESPN not make enough in advertising revenue on TV that they have to blow me up with ads on YT? Ridiculous……

  • aykcroid

    Tom Brady is a Republican. In his eyes, only poor people get fined, pay taxes, go to jail and get shot by cops. Rich do not pay, period. Rich do no wrong, period. If not, hire lawyers and have the opinion changed. He should retire and run for President.