ESPN First Take – Washington Redskins Pick Up Robert Griffin III (RG3)’s Fifth-Year Option For 2016

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  • DoggieNYC

    RG3. has some skills but ultimately try 's to solve his problems with his feet, not his head and he's to small to make it through a season that way. he's not a good quarterback.

  • nathan gray

    Ever think about Washington nor having a great o line or d li e to bale him put bc it ain't the best and had only gotten worse the past 2 years

  • FingazInc

    This is a "make or break" year for Robert. He better bring it, or he's done! The D.C. base will call for his head for sure if he don't. RussellWilson was a low draft pick, and was 4th on the depth chart, and got to the Super Bowl 2 out of the 3 seasons he's been in the league. Robert, looks (to me) more and more like a BUST each season that he plays.On the other hand, I myself, don't believe in ANY of our Quarterbacks at this point. The Redskins Management up to this point haven't been able to connect any two dots in any of the off seasons since Dan Snyder bought the team.

  • Scrappy1224

    And these mufuckas doubted cam newton rookie year and he shitted on everybody with a nfl lockout with over 400 yds 1st 2 games and still plays at an high level Robert juss came into a better situation his rookie year Played ok but Alfred Morris was ripping shit without him there is no playoffs bottom line Robert is done after this year he will be a buss and luck should have been the 1st pick in the 2012 draft

  • Jeremy Argo

    I root for him but he has to mix it up and not be afraid to run. When he is a running threat, it opens up play action and the running game. He needs to play with confidence and shut up and run the offense.

  • Manuel Imel

    As a Skins fan I want to believe RG3 is going to be successful, but Idk if he can play in Gruden's system. Even if Gruden switches the system, idk if he can stay healthy enough to consistently utilize his athleticism. I honestly don't understand how Skip can be so confident w/ RG3 & always be ready to knock Cam Newton. Cam has been consistently better.