Giants fan gets PUNCHED by Eagles fan in front of his GF after Monday Night Football: VIDEO

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  • emils1126

    you gonna talk shit in enemy territory back it up. Im from New York. On behalf of all the real New Yorkers who know how to fight we do not claim him as one of our own…HE MUST BE FROM NEW JERSEY.

  • Ed Oneil

    I once had an entire beer dumped on me at the Medowdump. I got tossed and had to wait almost 2 hours in the parking lot because I didn't want the guys that went with me to miss the game.
    Maybe it was that kids father that dumped the beer on me…Karmas a bitch huh?…lol Oh the Eagles won that game too.

  • Mark Phillippi

    what, a Philadelphia fan acting like a knuckle dragging scum bag(what they do best, but I digress) , and a New York fan running his mouth? Surely you jest.

  • QueensYankeesFan

    This Giants fan is from Philly and just happens to be a fan of the Giants. One, the way he says the word c'mon is clearly a Philadelphia accent not North Jersey or New York area. Two, he's riding Philadelphia public transportation which you wouldn't ride unless you live in Philadelphia. Any Giants fan from Giants territory would get in there car and drive back home. Third, his little tub of shit girl he's with in the beginning of the video is wearing an Eagles hoodie meaning she's an Eagles fan. So all I see here is one Philadelphian beating up another in reality as they all get on the lovely Philadelphia subway back to presumably some scum filled neighborhood of rowhomes that barely cost $100,000.00 such as lovely Kensington or Fishtown. Grow up people your city has bigger problems.