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  • Sinessa

    I really hope they manage to get the rights to Clarice Starling. It'd be interesting to see who is cast. But most of all I really want to see Mads do those iconic prison scenes. I wonder if they could get around it by changing her name?

  • Howard Lockwood

    I love Fuller's twisted romantic sense of murder. His reference to Valentine was hilarious. The premiere was BEAUTIFULLY SCRUMPTIOUS! I'm glad to see him back on What the Flick.

  • TrangleC

    They should have made a separate video for the interview. With the creator of the show sitting there, you can't really make a true, analytical, critical review of the episode.

  • Ashley Small

    Great review. I'm so glad Hannibal is back. I'd never been so utterly confused and captivated throughout an episode. I was half expecting a Hugh Dancy appearance, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happened to everyone else.

  • Peter Elliott

    So glad Hannibal is back.

    Seriously this is one of the most underrated shows on television right now.

    It could have been such a boring cut and dry retelling of the Will and Hannibal story but instead Bryan Fuller delivered a truly inspired re-imagining of these characters.
    Somehow its completely in keeping with the book characters yet constantly subverts and surprises fans.

    Its beautifully shot, brilliantly acted and expertly crafted.
    Hannibal is a true audio and visual treat. Nothing quite like it.

  • Hua Mulan

    This was perfect! =) I really needed to hear Fuller's explanation/commentary on some of the more bizarre aspects of this season's premiere. Thanks Alonso for asking those questions. And also Bibbs for asking about the Mason Verger recast (God I loved Michael Pitt in that role!).

  • K McC

    This is what I subscribe to WhattheFlick for. I love this, Bryan Fuller, and all of you guys. So glad to see him back after last year's finale!

  • barkadat3p

    Actually having Bryan Fuller on the panel makes me appreciate and understand the show even more. It also makes me realize how much thought and care is put in Hannibal.

  • The_Howler

    I cannot express how beautifully this show is done, the camera work, the cinematography, the costumes, the music, the actors, everything is perfection. I don't think I've every seen a more beautifully produced show than this one.

  • Cody case

    Brian Fuller, I love The show to no end one of my favorite TV shows of all time but I do not like the flashbacks from things that we have heard characters talk about at all… I thought it was alot more creepier when we didn't know what happened. And it feels as if, with all the strides we made this episode, that we are still moving backwards in storytelling bc I love flashbacks to things that he haven't heard about or saw in the show yet. But Thanks for an awesome show

  • Ivan NP

    Love the series since day one but i felt that this opening of new season was a bit all over the place, feeding us with too much in too little time. I liked the slow dissection of Hannibals actions in previous seasons which were all used as built ups before explosive finales. I hope this season will not be as rushed as first episode suggested a little more mistery and little less
    violence to fill the gaps is perfectly fine with me. Its great that you have Brian in studio again, seems like pretty awesome guy and his writing is just so enjoyable! Still its great series and completely different from any other TV show today, its really pretty marvelous.

  • oldmoviemusic

    I love What the Flick, and these Hannibal reviews are SO stellar! I hope that Ben will be back for them as well!