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  • Melissa Carlill

    I would not care if the entire season stays the same as it has been up until now. It's a visual feast. It's so eccentric, it's like nothing else on TV. It's beautiful, it's its own thing. I say it almost every week; I fucking love it.

  • TrangleC

    This "Nazis did it!" stuff from the book was so trite, cliché and dumb. Really something only an incredibly lazy author would come up with. I'm glad that they were forced to do something else in the show.

  • poundtho

    I absolutely love what they are doing with this show, I really think this will play fantastically as a binge, but that it is also going to build up a lot, everyone was dying when we left, they can't just jump right back in. This is justified.

  • Ashley Small

    I'm a little on the fence with this season, and not quite as invested as I've been in previous seasons, which is mostly due to the incredibly slow build. I'm also finding it harder and harder to take most of the conversations seriously. Don't get me wrong; Hannibal has been rather abstract and stuffed with subtext from day one, but this season seems almost brazenlypretentious when it comes to the dialogue. People don't talk like that.

    Great review though, non the less. A little short, but in your defense, there wasn't really a whole lot to get through.

  • K McC

    Wow guys. No. This just seems arrogantly lazy because you're not willing or able to give the show the full attention and exploration it demands of its audience. Yes, it expects a lot of you. So much is at play in these three episodes that calls back on two seasons worth of masterful buildup, and with such creative and artistic use of the original canon (which one of these reviewers has knowledge of, but appears not to understand the re-imagining Fuller is doing), these reviews are getting harder and harder to watch. The love and attention shown to Game of Thrones in those reviews is obvious and understandable. I think these critics are unfortunately lacking the specific artistic eye it takes to dissect and properly review and celebrate Fuller's work. Not to say it's too lofty for the general audience! But if you're going to profess to review a piece of art, take the time to look at it properly and understand how it chooses to differ from the boring, expected, popular narrative.

  • Arden Blue

    I fucking loved this episode! The moody, broody, slowness is brilliant to me. Cannot get enough of it. So good.

  • Neto del Toro

    I actually tied the whole business of Hannibal bringing "the band" back together with the conversation Will had with inspector Pazzi about God and how Hannibal might have had a God complex. What do I mean with that?, my point is that, a much a he (Hannibal) wants to see Will again, as much as he yearns his company and the conversations that they had, he thinks he can still have a form of that and still get away.
    As much as he has Will and Jack and Alana on a pedestal, he doesn't consider them capable enough to catch him, and the events of the season 2 finale only strengthen that believe in his mind.
    Remember what he said to Gideon when he made the comment about cannibalism?… that's how he sees the world.

  • Ben Hammel

    Another great review guys. I can see where people are coming from this season. It has been slow. But like William said, shit is about to hit the fan.

  • Hannibal Lecter

    Lady Murasaki was Hannibal's aunt. ;)

    My take on the whole Mischa story is that when Hannibal tells Bedelia "Mischa didn't betray me, she influenced me to betray myself," I think that the fact he let his guard down and loved her was how he betrayed himself (same with Will Graham). In the show, we don't know how old Hannibal was when Mischa dies…so, perhaps when she is killed, he is stricken with grief over the loss (and perhaps angry with himself for not being able to prevent it), and he eats her (or a part of her) to keep her with him (and thus allowing him to forgive her and himself, for allowing himself to love). Of course, now with Will…we see the same pattern again. He allowed himself to love Will, only for Will to hurt him, and the only way he can forgive Will i(and himself, for loving Will), is to eat him.

    Also, I am typing this at 5:40 in the morning, so I apologize if I didn't write the above very clearly. xD

  • JD Tremblay

    I agree with you Alonso, I couldn't hear shit and the music was mixed in so much louder than everything else… visually breathtaking like always but damn who is telling everywhere to whisper all the time?

  • MyTubeIsBetter20

    next week looks to be where things are going to "pick up" pace-wise. Sorta looks like the Avengers are gonna assemble to take down Hannibal.

  • picvegita

    While "slow" (or slower than season 2) I'm in love with this season and this episode: Bedelia with the ice pick (you technically killed him)
    Jack searching out Will (does he feel guilty for pushing Will so far)
    Will's butterfly tableau (or was he honoring someone who did not do what Hannibal said he did)
    The mystery of Mischa's death (I personally think they will change it from the book and Hannibal will have been the one who killed and ate her, hence his reluctance to go back to the Lecter estate, the prisoner is a misdirect)… also I'm assuming they will state Chiyoh taught Hannibal his fighting skills.

    Next week will be the episode that people scream about, as it appears as if it is about to hit the fan!

  • The_Howler

    The food consultants/stylists on this show are incredible. Also, the background score of this episode is exceptional. Does anyone know who does the music/did the music this episode. And who else was disturbed by the death ofSogliato?