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  • Glenifir The Great

    this guy is so black he is a racist. he is basically making fun of people who are black but less black than him, like "you niggas can't be this black yo bitch ass honkeys!".

    fuck racism, fuck this guy.


    Holy shit the slaughterhouse shit I completely believe in. The town I grew up in was basically a cow slaughterhouses in the early 20th century. Now the area where the house once were is now all office buildings but it has a the strangest vibe to this day. I work in the area.

  • shelbe ellis

    As someone who saw Hannibal on the Eric Andre show at first, then to see him in my own home town, this is the only JRE episode I've seen in years and it's only because Hannibal is on here because I wanted to hear a different conversation with Rogan. Awesome comedian, awesome podcast guest, if you're not a comedy nerd, you won't understand because you're obviously only trying to get Rogan's attention.

  • sana salekian

    i love joe as much as the next cunt, but dude spends way too much time researching instead of talking to one of the funniest people in the world in hannibal.

  • MightyMarven

    30 minutes in and it's Joe Rogan interviewing Joe Rogan with occasional comments by Hannibal Buress.If Joe doesn't make this about his guest soon I'll skip this one.

  • HyperColours

    Typical house cats are 3kg. Terminal Velocity takes 15 seconds to reach 99% . The cat will have a mass of 136Kg I think at Terminal velocity, but at say 8 seconds falling is 90% of terminal it will weigh 110Kg. A cat can dissipate that much weight into its muscles and frame as it's a dynamic force. A Human probably hits the ground with a mass of a few tonnes! Thats why we burst! lol


    From 125: The Native Americans had no real words for the horses. Horses were originally brought here by the Spanish They saw the horses run and didnt know what they were. So,the Indians ended up calling them big dogs. – I overheard this in a bar, so it could be bullshit, idk.