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  • Veronica Wiebe

    I hope he reinstates all the environmental scientists that Harper canned, and invest in our future scientists, I hope we don't get screwed, I hope that him being young will bring about fresh ideas. I just hope. Happy Harper did not stay but he left a big mess for Trudeau, good luck.

  • Erica Denison

    Looking forward to electoral reform which he promised, bringing in proportional representation. I believe he will, he seems to have integrity and truly wishes to be the voice of those whom elected him.

  • gary gibbs

    We need to overthrow our present central banking system to affect any real political change. This in the end will fall far short. Enjoy tonight Prime Minister elect Trudeau.

  • Linda Hellotoyou

    Canadian Bank of Canada is where all of our Canadian taxes should go, then to elite Queen Elizabeth and her Nazi German elite cult cabal family that Kennedy and Lincoln were squealing on their secret society satanic cult membership of the 1%er's, bigger picture what the Bible was talking about. Kennedy and Lincoln were killed for telling on this 1% er's. Wake up

  • Brandt McCall

    I believe Trudeau is sincerely dedicated to public service, and as an advocate for all Canadian citizens, he is compassionate and seems motivated by intrinsic values and integrity. However most of Cdn PM's and perhaps Trudeau's wives have supported their husbands, without meaningful, enriching vocations of their own. I noticed throughout this campaign Trudeau's wife tirelessly devoted herself to his campaign wow that is amazing but what about her own dreams and aspirations. There are plenty of men whom stay home now to raise children as well, but it seems Cdn prime ministers are largely always men (exception Kim Campbell) with women who support them and stay home to raise children. I hope Trudeau places many women in top roles in his cabinet and supports other pro-women initiatives and policies which will boost GDP as well as women spend more of household incomes, than men.

    As a man I have a very rewarding personally and financially career where I also feel I am of service to animals and people in my vocation. However I know several wonderfully smart, talented, ambitious, altruistic… women whom are not living to their potential in their careers although they wish too and they tell me about this. One good friend just rang me the other day, saying she is not moving forward with her career, she is so talented and motivated I try to help I don't know what the wall is. It seems to be a self-worth issue in their cases. I know many women do thrive and thoroughly enjoy their work/callings/careers however many are not, and they deserve too. Society needs more positive role models for women in this regard, and gov't policies to help. I hope Trudeau unlike Harper creates some very smart, effective, supportive women's domestic and foreign policy, it will also help economically as women are economic powerhouses when they live to their potential.

    Elizabeth May is brilliant, compassionate and a great female role-model I personally think her economic platform is smart and would help to grow the economy while meeting the needs of all Cdns, including all women and men, children, vets, people on disability ect….Win/wins are always possible, Best to all!