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    "He's not ready" is the only thing they had on him. Son of a prime minister, raised to be a politician, family man, bilingual, respect for native culture, early 40's… nah, he's not ready.

  • alfabravo80

    The Canadian media loves him, especially the CBC, who is our state funded media. And why not, he's promised them 100s millions in new funding.

  • Piccolo hit em with that Special Beam Cannon

    At least he isn't a sell out to oil companies and a racist towards minorities such as native Americans and the south asian Indian community in Canada like Stephen "The cunt" Harper

  • Artificial Intelligence

    He's importing 25,000 Syrian 'refugees' in a single year. Multiculturalism is another word for every race but White.

  • Fitz Peasant Warrior

    Trudeau the Younger is not our JFK! Period! What a joke this all is. Harper is gone but the rot still remains in Ottawa. Puppet of the Queen will serve her well.

  • Nicolas Perez

    Go Canada! I'm not sure how I feel about you canooks pulling out of Syria ,but I guess as long as Harper keeps his promise to keep supporting the anti terrorist effort through financial means it's not that big of a deal since Canada only had few planes there anyways.

  • Ron Onderweg

    Don't think the Canadians really understand what shape their country is in.
    Canadian dollar not worth the paper/plastic its printed on, massive and huge real estate bubble, oil prices at a level that won't allow them to exploit the tar sands for years to come, no industry worth talking about, powerful unions of public service "workers" etc etc.
    Put a spender like Trudeau in that mix and you have a pretty good idea in what direction the country is going….
    Not that Harper was such a genius, but at least he understood some things about economics.

  • About36GREEKS

    There should only be one nation , one nation helping each other , why are we separated into "countries" anyways ? Politicians talking about helping their specific country meanwhile there's people starving in Africa among many other countries , using fuel to send aircrafts over to 3rd world countries to take their resources instead of using that fuel to fly and deliver food and water to those countries in need , one nation that shares all of its recourses , I no this will never happen tho cause there are far to many selfish pricks on this planet

  • nowhereman232323

    Don't forget to mention he wanted to get Canada back to it's more social liberalist ways. Oh, CNN this means if America follows suit with Bernie Sanders, real journalists are coming for your jobs :) The U.K. Voted in Jeremy Corbyn as well. Sad times for you ;)