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  • Cee Bee

    Weight watchers is absolutely the only weight loss program worth committing to. They teach you what food is really worth, calorie wise. They teach you how to change your actual lifestyle in the long term. All the other programs are short term fixes. Nutrasystem, Jenni Craig, etc force you to buy their food, and it works at first, but as soon as you go back to regular food, the weight comes back cause you haven't learned how to eat without someone portioning everything out for you. Weight Watchers is absolutely the most healthy, most safe, and most effective way to lose weight for life. And even after you stop going to meetings, you can continue counting points forever, if it's how you stay on track. In fact you don't have to go to meetings if you don't need the accountability or support.

  • 636 OC

    yup u still looked great back then when u said u were over___ but great to hear ur success story.. any chance ur a shareholder cuz Oprah is now 10% shareholder of WW and on the board.

  • Sharmayne Koehler

    This is a really informative video! Thank you so much! My problem is I over eat, so this program sounds like it could work for me. But I need to not "kid" myself. Thanks for the video!


    Compulsive overeating is undoubtedly a disease.. Overeaters Anonymous is the only solution that has personally worked for me. If you or anyone you know is struggling with an eating disorder.. Please check out OA at http://WWW.OA.ORG and find a meeting near you! Just like alcoholism, compulsive overeating and other compulsive food behaviors are killing millions in our nation alone! There is a lot of hope and understanding in Overeaters Anonymous, please get help today!! Thanks for listening… Peace!

  • Ruby Kalosh

    Thank you so much for this video and for sharing your experience. You are so beautiful !! You were right , you totally rocked it :)

  • Tingeling N

    This is soo true Mel, I lied to MyFitnessPal all the time loooool. But then I just had to be true to my self, and then things started to happen :)

  • Karen Rodriguez

    Thank u for that Information I'm struggling to lose the last five pounds doing ww. I feel 26 points is way to little so I add 7 to my day but it seems to have me maintaining. Any suggestions?

  • deedee “dee dee” lebowski

    well done, thankyou for sharing this video, it is a great inspiration , I lost 20 lbs with an app on my phone, the net diary pro – I think its a matter of entering in Exactly what you eat and not kidding yourself (as you say) with the portions. Thankyou again and cheers from Maui

  • kelly love

    Just an FYI, I am 5'1 and a healthy weight for me is 135-140. It all depends on your build. I am a very curvy girl

  • David Ellis

    I have lost almost 5 and a half stone on Slimming World, however, I am really fed up with that plan plus the pretentious groups really irritate me. Do you think Weight Watchers or Scottish Slimmers is better for me, judging by your experiences? x