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  • ajay benjamin

    Innocents Murdered in the name of religion again !! 150+ plus people went out yesterday that not knowing it wud be their last day being alive.Humanity is being killed everyday all over the world By religious fanatics of ISLAM.Its a shame.My Deepest Sympathies to the French people from INDIA.

  • Joshua Silva

    I'm atheist if we didn't have religions fighting against each other none of these would be happening plus this is one more reason to have another perspective of Muslims I'm sorry to say it but you are giving yourselves a bad image because you can't control what's happening in your countries and bring it to others with innocent people if you are going to comment and say I'm racist or something about your religion i don't care

  • LordSear1982

    Hey Liberals….. Remember when you said multiculturalism breeds a thriving nation and how conservatives were paranoid??? Take a good fucking look stupid asses. THIS is the reality of multiculturalism.

  • Russell Scott

    Muslims, fix your medieval religion. Hundreds trampled to death in the pilgrimage, Charlie Hebdo, ISIS, and now this attack. That is what Europe gets for accepting your refugees.

  • polyrhythmic1

    Obama is like a robot. So weak and emotionless. And he wants to bring in 200,000 refugees!? Two of the Paris attackers were refugees!

  • TheHiLife

    i just noticed that all the fighting is because of religion and way of life. There is more serious things to fight for like climate change, hunger, and equality

  • Erick Gonzalez

    I still have faith in humans never mind the religion or race let's talk to one another . Let's not start this cycle of hatred please over come hate .

  • winston smith

    Too bad he doesnt feel the same about people in the middle east. Those people are just collateral damage. Given what we have done since 2001 (based on the lies of the 911/anthrax attacks) it's amazing this doesnt happen more often. They know these blow back attacks are coming and these people will now use it as propaganda to prop up needless wars and kill even more innocent people.

  • Jeffery Fulkerson

    What part of WAR do you idiots not understand? There is no such thing as a fair fight.We must be more brutal than our enemies to defeat them.If we keep fighting "Fair" we will continue to be slaughtered.

  • Sun Mo

    ISIS is fucking crazy and stupid. Do they ACTUALLY believe they can take over the world? They are so small that we could end their lives with 1 fucking nuke. Unfortunately they know that we're to scared to do that so they continue to reign with their little attacks.