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  • SnakeBerry

    I understand the concerns of cars getting to crunched up on gwc attempts, why not have them restart single file on GWC attemps and keep the 3 restart tries?

  • D4nkfury

    Based on these comment I hope, and I wouldn't be surprised, that NASCAR will change the rules back for tomorrows race. Every generation NASCAR has done something to make the excitement lose to safety when the cars are already the safest vehicles out there I'd say. You can't take away the great finishes at the plate tracks for safety NASCAR, you just can't, and I get that the drivers hate it, but they're still alive and uninjured.
    If race control was so unsure if the cars would be clear by the time they were back around, they really should've waited until they were at the start/finish line before deciding to throw a caution, rather than jumping the gun with it.

  • Aaron Denson

    Having 1 GWC is like a girl taking your junk out and opening her mouth to give you some amazing dome, then saying she has to go to work.

  • Tyler Puszczewicz

    They had to put 1 GWC finish all because of Dillon's crash back in July. NASCAR thinks a car/truck gets into the fence every plate race. This is by far the worst thing NASCARhas done in my eyes.

  • Leuel48Fan

    BULLSHIT FINISH BULLSHIT FINISH BULLSHIT FINISH!!! GIVE US BACK THE 3 GWC. This is a huge step BACKWARDS for NASCAR racing. You still get the wrecks, you still have drivers walking away, all we got is robbed of a proper finish. Cars are safe, tracks are safe, give us what we pay and support for.Absolutely pissed off about this finish. If this shit happens again tomorrow in the Chase theres gonna be major fan backlash. And how about realizing at least the wreck was gonna be clear by the time they got back and leaving it green?? Idiots in race control, Idiots in headquarters.