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  • Kanye West

    If doesn't matter what your "GOD" wants. This isn't a country with an established religion. You follow the laws or lose your job. This is ridiculous.

  • Angel Mia 卌 (Sū Wén Lì/Angel Lovegood)

    I hate this state I live in. People can be so blind sometimes. The people here are so close-minded. They can't just accept that you should be able to love whoever you want. I hate Kentucky, and I frankly can't wait to leave it.

  • MrSlyGamer

    Now I love to study religious peoples and practices. Religion to me is intriguing. However, it seems in most cases religious peoples will omit whatever they want and enfore whatever they want. In Christianity divorce is a sin. I don't see a huge movement against it. Mixing dairy and meat is a sin, however I can safely say most Christians have eaten a pizza with a meat topping. Hate is a sin, yet they march in disgust over the love of two people who happen to have the same sexual organs. They claim to follow the teachings of Christ. But they lie (which is also a sin). Christ loved all. He treated all equally. Prostitutes, murderers, thieves and all. He did not show an ounce of hate towards them and shared his love with them. He also died for all, so that they may be forgiven in the next life. Funny, eh?

  • thomas watson

    funniest part? she has been divorced 4 times that is also a sin so she should not issue one to divorced people.. she shoul also revoke her own

  • Faraaz Akbar

    HOW are these people not IMMEDIATELY fired???? This is unreal, the Supreme Court and by extension THE CONSTITUTION have deemed same-sex marriage legal, how can these clerks refuse to do this at all?

  • DrThrax123

    I'm Muslim and I dislike the concept of homosexuality…but that doesn't mean I reserve the right to discriminate against Homosexuals. I don't agree with their choices, but they're their choices.

  • TheDajamster

    How is this any different from a Muslim person who works as a cashier, but refuses to ring up pork products because of their religion? If your religion tells you that you can't do the job, then Quit & Find A Job You Can Do!

  • King Of Combat `

    That's what I like to see, good lady for standing up for her faith and choosing God over abomination, more should take this lady as inspiration to stand up against evil no matter what, obey God not men as one of the posters rightfully said.

  • eiji kenji

    US media dont call such situation as

    "State sponsored violence , persecution against CHRISTIAN in US"

    imagine such thing happen in CHINA, muslim nation, russia

    US media call such situation as " persecution against christian"

  • Matthew Gooding

    I've read The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible, I'm eternally grateful that the Founding Fathers founded the US as the world's first secular nation. Church and State are separate, if you work a job that runs counter to your beliefs, especially in the public sector, you need to go so life can keep moving on for everyone else.

  • eiji kenji

    it is ok for US gay men to heckle against christian in such violence way.


    it is not ok for russia straight men to heckle against gay people?

    US logic