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  • BadfanMC - Reddit UHC

    Honestly there is no reason to hate the first 3 movies. All 6 Star Wars films are works of art and if u dont like them then there is seriously something wrong with you. Who gives a fuck if the pod racing took too long or it was all CGI, anyone who can call Star Wars bad has no sense of a great movie

  • Michael McGee

    I think Episode 1 would have been much better if they had used a teenager to play Anakin rather than a child… The age gap between Padme and Anakin always bugged me. Weird to see a 9 year old flirt with Natalie Portman.

  • TommygunNG

    I always feel sorry for the lizard thing Obi-won is riding on the planet with General Grievous. It's loyal, and it seems like such a happy creature.

  • Beenubs

    I was born just before episode 2 and I watched a lot of Star Wars. Since I was a kid I didn't notice the poor acting in the prequels and I am more fond of them then the original trilogy. I just grew up with them much like people grew up with the original trilogy. Its just my opinion I was an unbiased kid when I saw them…

  • J. Al. Jones

    I just realized something in episode two…
    Jar Jar Binks approved the use of the clone armies in Padame's stead…
    Jar Jar Binks single handedly marked the downfall of the Jedi order?

  • James Bond

    I prefer the prequel trilogy of Star Wars film to the originals. I think a lot of the hardcore Star Wars fans are really hard on the prequel films. I dont know why. The storylines for the prequel films are just as exciting and the special effects have improved 110%.

  • Draven Sieczka

    i loved revenge of the sith. it is my personal favorite film out of all 6. so much action,such a tragedy and truely broke your heart how all these characters we grew to love were killed off,the clones and jedi were bad fucking ass,great battles,etc. i hated attack of the clones,and phantom menace would have been pretty good if it had better cgi. the cgi in phantom menace was horrible…you could see through the damn cgi creatures,aha. i didn't like a new hope because it was just really fuckin boring…empire strikes back was alright,but again was a bit boring. return of the jedi was great though.

  • Regan Shiu

    I honestly do not get why everyone hates the prequels so much, some don't even know why they hate them, they just hate to fit in.

  • John Dunlap

    What always bugged me was how stupid Aniken's reasons were for turning to the dark side. IMHO, things should have gone something like this:
    1) Aniken goes looking for his mother
    2) Aniken's mother is killed by Darth Maul(per Palpetine's orders)
    3) Aniken, demanding justice, chases Darth Maul all over the galaxy
    4) Aniken's desire for justice slowly changes to thirst for vengeance
    5) Aniken faces Darth Maul in the emperor's throne room and the Emperor tells Aniken to strike down Darth Maul and to take his place.
    6) Aniken, in an epic saber fight, strikes down Darth Maul and takes his place at the emperor's side
    7) This brings the story full circle because we would see Aniken fail where his son(Luke) later succeeds.