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  • Corey Carnes

    This is, and will always be, the thing I respect most about Jon Stewart and Stephen. It's not that they are a leftist mouthpiece like so many say, it's not that I'm too dumb to understand real news, as some have said, it's not that I'm a stoner that likes to watch funny people on TV. No, it's because that when they ingest and issue they do so with bias and an agenda, but not one so thick and ridiculous that it prevents them from trying to hear good points and good ideas.

    Stephen just defended a man who he completely disagrees with politically. Not because he wants Trump to be president, but because Stephen's smart enough to understand the issues without being told how he should feel about them. It's a really positive mark for America, that we finally allow the intelligent to speak to us on TV instead of the ones that are barely competent at walking.

  • adamgreen222

    At 1:05, Stephen is … um …
    I guess it was an obtuse question and he graciously turned it into an insightful question with his answer, but I somewhere under there, Dr Freud would be observing the frustration Stephen was feeling with this dull interview … : )

    re. Trump's "bleeding out of her … whatever" … I have to admit that as I heard it, and in the context of a long winded talk, I didn't take the alternate interpretation, I though he said "bleeding out of ears" and then just gave up on the sentence or the line of thought and said "_whatever_" and moved on to the next topic.

    Also in context, he was correct to observe the moderator of a political debate should have a prepared set of issues, not so targeted on one issue for one candidate revolving around "you grew in a different world 50+ years ago and you've not really become the kind of modern day person the -world- … US right-wing voter … wants to imagine its political leaders to be."

  • Stephen Bogdanich

    Stephen Colbert debut on CBS fell short. What a cacophony of noise and nonsense. Canned applause doesn't make for a good show. A dud in a blue suit. Very disappointing . Sorry! But I changed the channel. No laughs for me; not even a smile. All hype– no substance.