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  • Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2

    Colbert is an absolute GENIUS. The speed of his wit and the diversity of his comedic calculus is not only impressive but it also suggests that top-rate comedians possess a rare kind of intelligence. Even still, Colbert is an exception. Seeing him and Stewart go will make the country all the more poorer for it. They are savants and will be missed.

  • FrankLightheart

    Oh my god! Stephen's story about the Whale Song blackout scene reminds me of a time I did pretty much the exact same thing!

    It was during a family vacation, we were going on a road trip and we had to take two cars to fit everyone and our stuff. As this was back before cell phones became common products, we bought walkie talkies so we could communicate between cars. We treated the walkie talkies like toys for most of the trip, simply telling jokes back and forth to one another, so I was trying to think of a way of One Upping my sisters.

    So then suddenly I was struck by inspiration, picked up the walkie talkie, and in my best female radio DJ voice said:
    "And now for your listening pleasure, I present to you: Songs of the Whale." Then preceded to make whaling, clicking noises for a minute.

    Unbeknownst to me in the other car, everyone was losing their minds with laughter, and the Songs of the Whale bit turned into a running gag in family events for a long time.

  • Jackie Yohn

    Can Stephen Colbert really be the absolutelyperfect man that I think that he is???????? He is so brilliantly sexy, I just can't get enough! Thank you for uploading this video.

  • Ken Elwell

    Now that David Letterman (Pants Be Upon His Name) is departing late night television, it might be fun to take a moment to see what his successor is like in one of his rarer out-of-character moments being interviewed by some Google guy.

  • Alan W

    This video is great for a long drive somewhere. After listening to it I can see how Stephen Colbert is going to kill at his new talk show role.

  • Rex Mundi

    Americans keep getting the USA mixed up with the extremely idealistic and unrealistic image of America manufactured by Hollywood in the last 70 years, especially during the Cold War; reaching its pinnacle with the films of John Wayne. Movie mythology rather than historical reality. So much so that in 1981 voters elected their first Hollywood President, and became extras in a B-grade movie remake of Dr Strangelove, starring Ronald Reagan (John Wayne was unavailable.) America was never great, Hollywood has just kept telling you it is. But don't worry – Hollywood still makes great movies, and occasionally some of them will make you feel that America can rebecome the greatness it never was.

  • CareyPortnoyBeauford

    55:10 glad she asked that question, good story. Gotta love Colbert, the more I hear the real Colbert talk the more genius I see, and I didn't think there was any more room.

  • Halbwurm - Gameplay Commentary, Waffen Guides & Let´s Plays

    hmm suddenly I have kind of a hate against everything "Google" .. hmm how comes?! Ah that´s right: overly advertising when it´s misplaced!

  • Ka Hung Hui

    #StephenColbert visits Google just before the Mayan apocalypse.

    // And I love the play [A Man for All Seasons], because in this example, he [Sir Thomas More] loves the king [Henry VIII] but can't agree with him, in the same way that someone love their country but not agree with them. And can you bring yourself to swim against the tide of all your fellows? Can you keep yourself with your own opinions and your own ethics, your own morals, regardless of the tide of the times? //