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  • James Richardson

    Judges can't really vote "along party lines" since they aren't members of any party, however they do often favour conservative or liberal rulings, Justice Thomas is probably most guilty of this. However I wish you'd gone into more detail about the Justices rather than being so vague, you called Justice Kennedy conservative, when he is actually the swing vote, and Justice Scalia for instance is a constitutional constructionist and probably the least biased there. Scalia believes in judicial constraint and on countless occasions he has stated that the role of the Judiciary is to enforce the law only, not to make it, or chose their own interpretations, a judge should not let bias or opinion affect decisions, they should rule only based on what the legislation says. The reason the Supreme Court is so over powered these days is mainly because too many Justices allow personal opinion and interpretation to cloud their rulings, you have a group of unelected, unaccountable people making laws, which is undemocratic and unacceptable, however not all of them are guilty of this.

  • Satsui

    Democrats started it, then Republicans reacted, and did so to more of an extreme to "counterbalance" what they saw as a threat to their side.

  • Zelnyair

    With that Hobby Lobby case, surely your company sucks if you can't separate your beliefs from your business practices?

    I mean, yeah, it's probably not in the best interests of Jewish people to work at Oscar Mayer, for instance, but if you can't shelve your beliefs for your professional lives, you suck.

  • Steven P

    Republicans are just generally bad and only get elected when stupid people who don't know anything about politics hear "less taxes"

  • Freak80MC

    I thought the reason to vote Supreme Justices in for life was to help them be able to make whatever decisions they thought were right instead of voting down political lines in order to get voted back in? Sad to see this isn't happening and that their decisions are still very much tied to their political leanings. :/ PS- I kind of want to try to get into politics and actually get elected to some position for the sole reason of being the voice of reason who doesn't actually vote based on political ties, but on what I feel is right.

  • Unborn Heretic

    Is it bias to vote for what they believe? Maybe the parties' value happen to align with the justices'. Most of the supreme court cases are basically opinion as it is their goal to interpret the Constitution but if one has more liberal values, then they will interpret it more liberally. It is currently as unbiased as it gets without know the makers of the Constitution.

  • TheAv66

    Shows how the Democrats are the lesser of the two evils, but still no angels themselves, of course there much better than the GOP.

  • Leonard Greenpaw

    42.3% versus 13.2% …. oh I know, lets talk about them as if they are the same number…. da fuq test tube?
    Oh and lets call corporate personhood a "free speech" issue and not blatant bribery