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  • Fred Diaz

    It's just a movie , people . When has a movie ever Been base on historical context and facts. It's just for dramatic purposes. Get over it

  • Josh Eaton

    This movie sucks. Don't waste your time. Absolute butchering of a great historical event (until Jefferson undercut Eaton and signed a treaty paying tribute). Nothing happens until about 1:24 into the movie, and then it's only slightly less lame. Don't waste your time, just read the history book. I can't emphasis this enough. I hope the guy who made this movie was shot.

  • william wright

    American 19th centurycolonial war movies are pretty rare, though I remember once seeing a Gary Cooper picture set during the American conquest of the Philippines. Anyway, this one is interesting but not great. The action is in the last 10 mins. Otherwise, guys,make the most of Maureen O`Hara who looks absolutely ravishing in her scenes !


    The Well scene at 42.00 min ,In WW2 both the Allies & the Nazi's accused each other of poisoning wells but it really was oil naturally seeping through .

  • James Smith

    I very much enjoyed this United States Marine recruitment ad from the 1950's…..oh wait it's meant to be a historical film? L

    Loved it…a film from a time when Americans were proud to say they were Americans about a time when America didn't negotiate with terrorist nations.

  • Lino Ventura

    Around 37 minutes, before the dancing scene, I noticed a column inside the tent. Did they actually carry it in their trip? That's s so silly, bad directing.

  • Christopher Gardner

    Did the ratings in the US navy actually have uniforms at that period (apart from officers and marines) ? Certainly, the British navy didn't…