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  • Diana Ragub

    You seem to actually eat more than I do. That is why i don't understand why I am not losing weight when i am exercising a lot and also eating less than most people :(

  • shari stevens

    Wow am I the only one that thought she was putting dish detergent in her coffee mug..and when she actually move it ..I was like ohhhh..sorry I just up..sleep brain…

  • Eileen Delany

    Margo. Just saw your food breakfast. Dinner. Sank. Tea. I find it hard to change my food as I am a big Sweet Tooth person. I love sanking in between meals. I am Obese now I went to get .my BMI know your numbers last Satursday 11th to do with Operation Transformation my BMI IS not good.

  • danyel bailey

    I need to get a new popcorn popper. Does they style you have require oil to pop well or are you able to just pop it dry?

  • Ruby Roberts

    I will be honest, I did not think your suggestions were terribly good at all, and as a leader, I think you should be setting a healthier example. Popcorn does not count as a serve of vegetables, or if it does, it shouldn't! I think you really need to increase your intake of vegetables and have some proper food instead of all these weird processed chemicals. Calcium stands out to me: you definitely did not meet your daily intake. I have debated whether or not to comment, I don't want to troll you, but I think if you wish to be in a position of leadership, you need to focus on nutrition, not just weight loss. Popcorn for dinner?! Why not a salad if you aren't hungry? I feel like you are treating food like the enemy.

  • George Wingfield

    very cool. i just do the basic points counting thing. it's working for me & i'm too nervous to deviate from what work, lol. looks good though. i always wondered, as a leader do you have to maintain a certain weight? great video & i look forward to more from you. keep up the great work. and now this is my new channel dedicated to weight watchers and weight loss stuff. videos to come if you want to check it out later :-)