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  • Julia Binarystar

    I don't see how celebraties are more
    Important or significant than normal people. Why even bother report this on the news when there are other people who had worse cases of Lyme disease and recovered.

  • Jacob White

    Man, 80 percent of the people get a rash. That's not true, stop spreading bad information from the disease. At least half the time or more, you're going to get no noticeable rash. Then you can expect to have at 3 or more doctors try to diagnose you with lyme or give you help. It'll then progress to later stages, and you will have so many symptoms that you wouldn't believe. There are hundreds. Also, we keep forgetting about the coinfections which are just as bad. If you get lyme, you probably have Bartonella, and Babesia. He's also seriously undermining what a good diet or running/swimming/meditation/visualizing. That stuff is seriously half the battle. Stop spreading this old outdated info. A lot of people are getting hurt from misinformation.

  • Jess D

    “In the fullness of time, the mainstream handling of Chronic Lyme disease will be viewed as one of the most shameful episodes in the history of medicine because elements of academic medicine, elements of government and virtually the entire insurance industry have colluded to deny a disease.”
    - Dr. Kenneth Liegner

  • Jess D

    To learn more about Lyme watch "Under Our Skin" documentary here on youtube. A tick does NOT have to be attached for 36 hours to infect you and less than 50% of people get a bullseye rash. Some people don't even get sick right away. Chronic Lyme is not easy to treat and your sometimes your best hope is to gain remission. Also check out Lyme Disease Association, and Lyme Disease Challenge on FB to learn about Lyme and help sufferers to get better treatment.

  • TheMoncada6

    You can't be treated correctly that soon because no doctor wants to admit that you have Lyme. I had to beg to be tested and I was right. Half a year of antibiotics did nothing but make me very ill. Natural antimicrobials and diet changed made me well again. So glad she took her health into her own hands.

  • Monk Tyson

    Lyme disease could spread freely only because patients are cowards.
    The stupid doctors identify the Lyme Disease in Europe as "Internet borreliosis".
    That's the equivalent of the US term "It's only in your head".

    The stupid ignoramuses do not believe the patients.
    They describe the patients as hypochondriac or psychosomatic malingerers.
    The incompetent medical system developed false tests.
    As long as we do not start to fight, nothing will change.
    Therefore, not whining, but fighting.
    Our greatest enemy is not first and foremost the disease, but the totally demented doctors.
    An incompetent medical system will not be changed by fine words.
    But by decisive action.

  • Anthony Romano

    One of the best tools while hiking is to use odorless permethrin that you spray on your pants, shirt, socks that is effective after multiple washings. With this applied to your clothes you can place a tick on your pants and he will die belly up. Its not to expensive either. 10 bucks will treat two outfits.