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  • Olle Henriksson

    I know MCU is like the funny guy in the room. But now with Civil War i expect some more serious tones.
    I wanted that from Age of Ultron and didn't get it.

  • Kaiser

    If Marvel decides to release the trailer tonight for the general public , then they are doing a great job.

    Really annoying how they release these trailers on conventions and don't show anything to the outside world. They are just begging for someone to leak it and reviewers on Youtube are already describing it all. So why hide it for the general public? Because it has to stay special for the people who visited the con? They had a totally different experience, they could watch it with tons of people in a great atmosphere and on a big screen. That's the perk they should get and let the rest of us view it at home, alone, on a small screen.

    I really think the way these studios handle con's/expo's is annoying. We had just the same happening during Comic Con.

  • Matilde Gomez

    I am a huge marvel fan but for some reason I'm wary about this movie. I have no idea why seeing as I liked Age of Ultron more than other people and I have a lot of faith in the Russo brothers seeing as I LOVED the Winter Soldier. I don't know, but I have this feeling that it's not gonna be as good. It's probably me just being paranoid, and obviously I'm still gonna be at the first showing of the movie but I just can't shake this feeling.

  • WrestlingReview Guy

    The Civil War is supposed to start because Crossbones who is battling Captain America has TNT strapped to his chest and Scarlet Witch is unable to contain the explosion which kills several civilians.

  • Rafael Ortiz

    I thinl it will be a serious film, Ant man and spidey of course should say their funny jokes, especailly spidey. Oh and and freaking ready!!!! i have been ready, i have my civil war shirt with all the heroes fighting from front to back

  • Regie Yogamoorthy

    There probably won't be a leak, since D23 has strict rules on phones. So we're going to have to wait a while for a trailer. I'm just waiting to see the Spider-Man costume.

  • Elad Lazin

    Everyone waiting to hear one thing:
    And you guys didn't even mention him….
    So I'm understanding we don't see him in the trailer