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  • MRWIL246

    I totally understand the emotional pain and rage that is happening over in South Carolina because of the tragic lost in Life at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston but it wasn't the South Carolina Rebel Flag that did the Killing it was the actions of a pathetic excuse of a human being that killed all those innocent people.

    Yes I know that pathetic White Supremacy groups like the Skin Heads and KKK use the Rebel Flag for their narrow minded purpose but The rebel Flag had a purpose in American history.

    If they succeed in lowering that Flag then what about those People that die in serving that Flag? Should they be forgotten because of hateful People using that Flag for their evil actions?

    What purpose will it gain if South Carolina lower the Flag anyway? Will narrow minded People will stop using it? No, Will lowering the Rebel Flag will bring back those People that got killed? No, What will happen is People who support the Bars and Stars for both good and bad reasons be upset and as a result South Carolina will have more problems then what they have now.

  • KingoftheHAHAHA

    Major respect to the female governor for calling for this in her redneck state. she's a total milf too.

  • on the river road

    Why bother taking it down when it will still be streaming from poles fixed to the beds of every pickup truck in the state?

  • MCPE_Alfredo

    I don't want us to take down our confederate flag down. Was it the governments fault of the shooting? No

  • Jeremy Parsons

    hahhaha tomo news told a joke at the end of the video. even if the flag was removed. the black thugs will still be black thugs and will be bringing down respectable black people with them. so it will not change any thing. this is just tomo news doing their latest race baiting.

  • Бучипа Тадокоров

    There already exist a bunch of lunatics shouting that the star-spangled banner is racist.

  • NuclearGrizzly

    The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of an armed and murderous insurrection by democrats against my beloved adoptive nation. As much as I enjoy the way that it now infuriates the same democrats that fought so hard for slavery and a divided nation, it's take to take it down.

  • Dio brando.n

    finally the democrats are removing their flag, but they still keep slaves on those plantations they call government handouts.

  • Leon Jackson

    No change will happen when the flag fall dude racism will never disappeared think deeper and just respect other is the best solution man