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  • SubliminalOrigami

    He's right. Everyone knows he's right. It's just people are led by the nose by Utopian visions. They had a Utopian vision in 1913 in Russia, 10 Million people died because of it. They had a Utopian vision in Cambodia in th 1970's – 3 Million people died. They had a Utopian Vision in Germany in 1933 – 24 Million people died. They had a Utopian vision in China in the 1950's – 50-75 Million died.
    Can we accept that Utopian visions are stupid?
    He's right. You cannot have illegal immigration and support social programs, support policing, support hospitals, support wages…
    You people need to grow up.

  • Steve W

    Why is a so called 'American' company like NBC sticking up for ILLEGAL immigrants. If you come here illegally, you ARE a criminal. Why is this so hard to understand? Seems like NBC hates America

  • Tinu Patel

    He is absolutely correct. Illegal immigration is like cancer in you bodies. If not eliminated can take over the body and ruin it.
    And that's what is happening to the U.S. Other countries yes including my own India need to work hard to more successful. America has worked hard and bled for its success. Of course America should help Mexico to get on track with its own success, but not with the expense of illegal immigration. We need to build up our neighbors rather than fight Middle East wars. Give Israel its weapons and freedom to fight. Let the stabilize then Middle East. They are the best fighters and have yet to lose a war.

  • Lorenzo Morgan Jr.

    I really like Donald Trump for President of the United States of America because of negotiating skills, business acumen, and prior adversity to continuously become successful, which could pleasantly assist in re-shaping and uplifting this country's economic problems home and abroad.

    Donald Trump has friends just like anyone else. And without Univision and NBC, the Miss America and Universal pageants will continue. Let's not be hypocritical.

  • EFP2

    I have never voted but I will vote for MR TRUMP. He is the only man telling it how it is he can save America. LONG LIVE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP

  • Ancient City Atheist

    Yeah Trump/Chump. NBC dropped you not because you are a pompous ass. It's because yourefuse todoyour shitty show. That must be it. It's not because you are a bigot or anything. You're going to drop out any. Like you always do.

  • Ilon Warpe

    Conflict of interest of a presidential candidate or don't want to alien a large number of viewers over Donald Chump's derogatory and bigoted comments. If it's a conflict of interest, then why did NBC cut all ties when they could've just postponed business ties till after the election. For Donald Chump to say it's conflict of interest to not lose face is just embarrassing and pathetic, like a loser reaching for straws at this point. That's what happens when you're a public figure. You better watch what you say. Don't get caught up in the buffoonery of pandering and end up becoming your own joke of you're fired.

  • jetli80

    Trumps family were illegal immigrants cause unless he was Native American most white people invade USA illegally

  • Micha EL

    I think trump is hilarious and I love watching him make fools out of the liberals. they are running scared from him, because he isn't afraid of them like most Repubnicunts. this will be a fun election to watch for sure ! Long Live Trump for Presidente' !

  • Claudiel Tejeda

    I am Hispanic and I agree with Trump, it is a joke Mexico and all of the central American countries are dumping there bums, deadbeats, low-lives, criminals , outlaws whatever you want to call them into our soil. Not only is it annoying because we have the non-criminal illegals taking US jobs, but we also have rapists and murderers coming in and committing these atrocities with nothing stopping them from coming in like locust. Open borders is allowing these individuals to infest our country in masses.