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  • Scottish Gold

    You poor dear. I was in the same shape as you in 1998. Fortunately for me my dad was one of the best doctors in the world. He was brilliant with medicine. I tested negative for Lymes, but he insisted that I had it and treated me with high doses of tetracycline. I recovered. None of the doctors knew what to do with me but dad was there and saved my life. I was paralyzed, delusional, fever that would not break, extreme head ache, out of my head, vomiting and irrational. Dad passed away two years later. Thanks dad, you're the best doctor ever.

  • Jennifer Baer

    I had a baby girl eight years ago I was diagnosed hyperthyroidism with Graves diseases I have been on all kinds of medicine but none of it has worked and I have just gotten worse it's the end of january beginning of february this year is starting noticing other things were going wrong with me I started having really bad and muscle spasms and headaches legs hurt all the time things these girls are going through I didn't I didn't realize what I was going through the EMTs the doctors in my mom believe I was making this up but you can't make up that much pain another thing with these girls are going through that's exactly what I've been going through for months I have two small children and I want to be so much but this disease is robbing me of my like my mom is giving up she won't even look at anything I have to show her on it she just thinks I'm crazy I know I'm not crazy I know if I don't get some sort of help I'm going to die but because I don't have the red rash that is common with getting bit by a tick my doctor will not give me the Lyme disease and it was starting to feel like I did before my head is starting to hurt my legs are buckling underneath me I just want to get better so I can be a good mom does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do

  • Michael Morris

    I have seen the same look in nurses eyes in the emergency room before looking at me no clue what to do and doctors so I dont even go back when I have a seizure my wife is the best thing to get me through mine

  • Wanderer 1111

    Paul. I had several episodes like she had and now I am much better. For me, Ozone therapy + Highly Alkaline highly nutritional raw food diet + Teasel Root + Samento + Banderol + Core Berbedine Blend + Cats claw + Garden of life products (antioxidants like trasnresvestrarol , growth bone, etc)Healthforce liver, circubrain, zeolite + MSM and high quality organic vit C + Gotu Kola + Sarsapadilla + Biocidin + Chanka Piedra + Being close to non poluted areas and breathing fresh air ,close to abudant sun + emotional release techniques + Cranio Sacral Therapy + Rolfing and some other things did wonders. The bacteria knows when there are antibiotics in the bloodstream and mutate and becom resistant to it. The antibotics kill the good bacteria that fight Lyme. I gave up antiobiotics for the natural and alternative aproach and now I dont have herxing episodes anymore. Still sick but more functional. There are several protocols that work amazingly for several people who are in late stage NeuroLyme with Co-In. BX, Buhner, etc. And these protocols are much cheaper that that corporate antibitics mafia/bussness. Herbs + an ozone machine + rife coil machine at least. Blessings!

  • John Bauby

    The bastards missed my Lyme. Recently diagnosed with Chronic Lyme. WTF is being done about Lyme? Nothing. My healthcare doesn't even cover it. I hope Erica is doing well. Those of us who have it know the pain.

  • The Covert Chronicle

    It's really great that you guys documented this, more and more people need to do this, more videos they won't be able to deny us and treatment! This will eventually make world news, which it should be on every month, yet it's not! Appreciate the courage to make this video!

  • Markis Nieves

    omg! I was sooo mad when that one doctor took the easy route and labeled Erica as opiate addicted!!That was sooo terriable!

  • Sabrina Foster

    As I watched this video, I recognized so much of your suffering and "abuse" from the medical community. I was bit in early '03 and only given Bacitracin ointment after an ER dr, removed the tick head from my back. After years of pain, suffering and confusion about what was going on with me, (misdiagnosis, horrible treatment by the medical community, many, many trips to the ER and being discharged almost as soon as I got in to and exam room, etc.) I convinced my PCP to send my blood to be worked up by Igenex Labs in CA (I am currently in AL). I had requested the test kit from Igenex and kept it for 2 months before approaching the request for my PCP to sign off on this. I had several Western Blots and ELISA tests, all were negative. In 07/14, while down sick (as I tried to explain to many drs., it is like my body shuts down, nothing works, extreme weakness and excruciating pain all over) I received a phone call from my PCP saying the test had come back positive. I cried. I just knew this horrible journey was about to be over. I could not of been more wrong. 10 months later, my PCP doesn't know how to treat me because she is not Lyme literate. She has listened and tried in vain to find a dr. to help me. No luck. The drs. do not recognize the Igenex lab results because they are not CDC certified, even though they are the top Lyme testing facility in the U.S. I have had to basically diagnose myself, research this debilitating disease and carry to every dr. a thick medical file to "try" to convince them I am truly ill with Lyme. Along with the immense pain and suffering, I have lost my quality of life, my ability to walk unassisted, lost friends/family, my employment status, for 3 yrs. I was homeless, and am always losing those that say they want to help. They just don't understand. You are very lucky to have a support system. I don't have that and am almost convinced this horrible disease will take my life. No treating drs. here in lower AL., a fixed disability income and no light at the end of the road. I wish you well and pray that you get your miracle.

  • Scorpisces

    I have a friend thats suffers from Lyme for almost 20 years and doctors are still telling her lyme doesn't exist!! Absolutely ridiculous!!
    We're in Toronto Canada. Now that Avril Lavigne has gone public with her contracting the disease more and more are starting to listen. Its unfortunate that it takes a celebrity to suffer with this disease before people start to listen but I feel Avril will be the new and loud voice of Lyme that will make big changes!

  • wkjeom

    God bless Erica. I pray she has continued to respond and can continue her treatment forever if that is what it takes for her to have good health. IV ABX plus probiotics, digestive enzymes, and other supplements kept me well for 5 years until modern medicine jerked my treatment. Been going downhill for 6 years. Waiting to die. Hate the 24/7 torture.

  • Laura Popp

    It is a crime how they make patients suffer and turn them away. This disease is terrifying and more painful than u can imagine for many of us. I believe that we will win the fight and the doctors will have to learn how to treat it. Its becoming more evident with the outcry of so many in the public eye too. Even with all of their money they can't get a proper diagnosis or any treatment leaving them with a much bigger battle when they finally figure it out. Usually with there own research.. Sickening!! My heart goes out to you. I hope you are doing much better now. God be with you!!!

  • xAmosX

    See if you can get her to have vitamin C IV's done. It may not cure her illness, but I'm convinced it will at the very least provide noticeable relief.

  • Clay Neigher

    I had the pleasure of working with Erica on a web comedy series. I'm heart broken to hear that she has been afflicted with such an awful illness. Sending good vibes.