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  • usgalsen

    American police shoot even when it is NOT necessary. They should learn to show some confidence and self-restraint and to shoot ONLY when it is the ONLY last resort.

  • Barack Smith

    Made the mistake of not having a good plan when they escaped, should have had a car waiting and then flew with fake passports on a private plane to somewhere in South America, escaping to Canada does little, Canada would have handed him straight back.

  • Leo Cozijn

    Will this guy be punished? I'm not 100% sure but as far as I know it's not a crime to escape from prison in my country. Just asking.

  • JoefromNJ1

    i wish more inmates would escape so police would have the excuse to hunt them down and kill them. rather than taking them alive and forcing tax payers to pay for prolonging their pointless lives.

  • Mike Faraday

    He kept his mustache trimmed while on the run. That's interesting to say the least. It would have made more sense to grow out a beard to help conceal his identity.

    Basically, he's a master prison escape artist, but terrible at hide-and-go-seek(despite staying hidden for three weeks).

    Anyone else find his lack of facial scruff a little weird??????

  • Maria Donatello

    Need to stop reading the teleprompter and check what you are reading. Poppy Harlow said repeating 23 days. That would be June 5. First, you say 2 miles from the border of Canada and cnn and fox news stretch it to 5 miles. Reporting News is accurate but this news story has flaws in it. You never explained the Have a Nice Day Sign.

  • syn707

    I am positive that Baltimore mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake, DA marilyn mosby and the supporters of the rioting THUGS are seeing this as police brutality. Afterall, these two escaped prisoners are just "misguided" citizens. Surely, we can emphasize with their frustration of not being able to fit in society.

  • 888strummer

    1,300 cops took over 3 weeks to get these 2 convicts who were left stranded and started with nothing. Very embarrassing for all police units and he narrowly missed Canada by under 2 miles. With all of our trained units and modern technology, how do they take this long to get these guys. And one guy only got caught because he shot at a vehicle and Sweat basically was out walking in the public from what it sounds