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  • Dick Cranium

    How long do think Hardy would have lasted with the late great Tom Landry? Again nice one Jerry Jones. I dont know what's worse, your horrible facelift, or your repeated acquistion of these professional high-priced thugs.

  • Royal Prueter

    This wasn't passion for the game or leadership. This was a tantrum, tantrums are why kids get participation trophies instead of champion trophies. Jerry Jones is an idiot.

  • tatonkaa

    Cowboys suck, even after cheating. Going out and buying a criminal for pennies on the dollar for what he's really worth, because he managed to get out of his charges through extremely complex litigation and a friendly judge is ridiculous . Every other team knew this, so they would not sign him. The Cowboys on the other hand, gave him a low ball offer that he could not refuse, so he could get his "foot in the door" of the NFL. Fucking Cowboys are so stupid. You eventually have to get ride of these thugs, anyways. They never work out, unless your born again like Stab happy Ray Lewis.

  • 1zombie4v

    What a cunt the cowgirls owner is
    Jerra you are a bastard
    Jerra you have no morals
    You made a deal with the devil
    Its time to pay

  • Sir Eladio Vargas

    Hardy has all the right to get mad. He is calling it like it is. Underachieving overpaid divas that can't takle or catch on simple plays. The best players on the team are so fragile that they should be called glassboys . he works his butt off so everyone else on the team can play mediocre. Cowboys fans are blind and should be mad that they are not playing better. They have a roster full of talent but everyone mad that hardy got upset. Hardy doesn't lose the games for Dallas he keeps them in the game but special teams muffed punt, no offense make them lose four straight

  • Earl Wright

    Sorry those are the times we learn the most from our mistakes learn how to weather it and move on I don't see Peyton Manning throwing tantrums after a loss he speaks professional and to his weaknesses that's what I like about him Hardy needs to improve his image right now.

  • 4brownfam

    Football is filled with entitled asshole who have been told they're special and are better than everybody else- fuck this moron and anybody who defends him..