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  • Matt Hartmann

    Republican logic- I'm going to prove to you that I can take away civil rights by providing an example that supports civil rights.

  • Deadpool3E

    Yeah, Lincoln was a dick when it came to blacks and his compromise remained absolute for a few hundred years. But guess what? That law got overturned and black people are seen as PEOPLE. Sure you got some bigots raving and screaming, but they're an ignorant minority no one gives a fuck about and they go on their way.
    Kim Davis, on the other hand, is opposing the law against people she hates despite it being passed. She screams religious freedom, but the reality is that she's just an ignorant hypocrite who isn't standing up for freedom and Christian persecution. She's standing up for not treating other people as fuckin' people.
    Once again, Hickabilly, you're flipping the script. Though to be real, I know this won't last. After all, just like what happened with a certain Mike Duggar, you're going to turn tail once this "civil (bowel) movement" implodes on itself so you can save what remains of your so-called campaign.

  • DeMartinoAlvin

    Mr. Mike please read your fucking bible. According to THE BIBLE, GOD sent Kim Davis to jail for being a dick. And passing judgement on people and not being merciful.
    Matthew 18:21-35 , Matthew 9:10-13 , and James 2:12,13

  • FeralBunnyDonut

    Did anybody else see the clip of this bitch getting out of jail? I'd like to see this smug self righteous cunt lose her job and be cast off like the Bigot she is.

  • Jesus or Money, Power and Prestige ?

    No, no Huckey, he said if you disagree, you can practice civil disobedience which requires accepting the consequences of your dissent because being willing to accept the consequences gives merit to your dissent. So Ms. Davis should either resign her position or resign herself to the fact she has a new home, compliments of the county.

  • MilitantAntiTheist

    Now, now. Islam is worse, so you're not allowed to criticize Christians. In fact, we should be thanking Christianity for being slightly less terrible than Islam, and criticizing Christianity means you're racist against whites and an Islamic apologist.

  • CK Stone

    I'm sick and fucking tired of being forced to follow Christian rule in this so called free country ! We need an amendment freeing usFROM religion . Keep it to your nasty ass selves , you hypocrites .

  • clydesight

    Mike Huckabee really needed Kim Davis to boost his low ratings. But I think this whole thing is going to backfire big time.

    I bet he pulled some strings to get her out of jail (politicians have amazing and mysterious ways) and if she fails to abide by the ruling and goes back in, he'll look like a real idiot. not to the sheeple, of course.

    Let's give Kim a week, and also give her puppet masters at Liberty Counsel a chance to come up with something.

    Also, if a BIGGER story comes along, I bet he throws Kim under the bus to jump on board the NEW drama.

    What also is amazing is that this is all taking place WAY too early in the presidential race to do Mike much good. The public has a very short memory.

    Mike will always be able to get a job as a pastor and lead people on though, and some of those mega pastors make a ton of money. So he's set for life anyway. But set for President? I highly doubt it.

  • Alyssia Maiden

    HUCKABEE!HUCKABEE!…..Christianity doesn't own marriage. Marriage came wayyyyyyyyy before marriage. You're definition of marriage DOES NOT, REPEAT DOES NOT, matter. The feds made gay marriage legal,….now fucking deal with the reality or get bitch -slapped by reality. It's your funeral.

  • Dom Trussardi

    Ya, but Kyle, as studies show, right-wing anti LGBTers are SO FUCKING GAY DEEP DOWN that allowing gay marriage IS like forcing them to get gay married–they just won't be able to help themselves.