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  • tj jordan

    The Buckeyes look good but I think they may have to re-adjust a few things for Cardale if he's going to get the majority of the snaps. I know its tough for Urban to let a pro style QB run this type of offense but I think he's willing to try . I don't like how Cardale runs that option he's better running up the middle instead of side to side. Barret is much better at the option but he doesn't put the pressure on the secondary like Cardale. They did a good job of mixing Braxton in the game plan to do the things Cardale can't do. They may have to switch things up to make it work. I expect to see more of JT next week something tells me that Urban isn't totally finished with the QB situation he may take it week by week. I feel you got to let Cardale be the main guy he is just too dangerous with his arm and it opens up the whole playbook for the Buckeyes.Think of those long shots down field he took that got pass interference. He doesn't even have to complete passes he can just threaten the defense with a long ball and draw interference calls in some cases. Once all our receivers are back I really feel Cardale is going to light it up but he needs to limit that side to side option.

  • Nicholas Doelle

    Ok is it just me or would have the Ohio State bucktarts lost that game if Brewer didn't get hurt?? What a shame. Time for the Spartans to whoop some ass

  • Reyna

    As an OSU fan, I must say VT played a solid game. I with Motley the best to carry the rest of the season. You never want to see anyone get hurt. :(

    Go Bucks!

  • Jordan Davis

    I don't understand he JT Barrett doesn't start that's gonna come back to bite them in the ass with Barrett you have the best QB in the B1G but with cardale you have the 2nd best QB after Connor cook

  • Zeb Morris

    There's goes Tech's season… Motley isn't good enough to play the way he needs to. We need him to be able to do more than just read options and screen passes. Those did absolutely nothing tonight except usher in a crushing, and I mean fully crushing, defeat….. R.I.P. Virginia Tech potential for this year…. R.I.P.

  • Ethan Hill

    BEAMER should pass baton.

    Last season''s 7-6 record was sad given squad defeated THE osu. THE osu insulted vt in Lane Stadium, demonstrated in highlights, and broke collarbone of vt's ok starting; unless the back up's back up is Mike Vick…6-7 2015 sesson appears reasonable guess. Or maybe osu could loan a qb to vt.