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  • gribble of the sand

    Ronda has one of the meanest mugs ever when she's mad, but when she smiles she's like the cutest thing. A damn Disney princess.

  • james williams

    RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper, and RIP bethe correia's loud mouth. She kissed the mat…Ronda face planted her silly ass.

  • mormegil2

    The more I watch championship fights the more obvious the real agenda becomes. Everyone involved in putting this farce together, Dana and his UFC cronies, all knew that Correia had absolutely no business in the same ring as Rousey, hell even fucking Joe Rogan knows it. It's all about making the most money possible from each event, and every star athlete, not about legitimate competition. These people pull every string they can to make you think you're seeing something legit, when really it's more bullshit to get at your wallet. Whenever they think they can make more money off of a rematch, or by prolonging the fight you actually want to see (cyborg vs Rousey anyone?) they will make it happen anyway they can. Fighters nowadays can get title shots just by running their mouths off long enough, Chael vs Anderson for instance. Here's a warning folks; every fight Ronda has from now until she fights Chris Cyborge will be a complete fucking farce not worth your money. Until then, expect to see her in more commercials, and on more endorsements as these rich fucks market her out the ass to get you to spend more money.

  • Raw Powerlifting Strength

    first of all , isnt her name Bethe Correia? why all keep sayin Benchiiii Koooheiiiaa? and why she eat shit like a cunt when she lost so bad from ronday?