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  • Maxx Kroes

    Jezus was not a white man, it says in the bible he had bronze skin? What are these people smoking. Not saying I believe there ever was a Jezus, but at least read your fairy tale book.

  • GorillaGuerilla

    Why do I get the feeling that there's so much more material to work with that this easily could end up being the first of a hundred – or even a thousand!

  • MacNutz2

    I hate FUX so much that I can't even watch them pawning themselves. Great stuff here but the professional liars of FUX fake news make me want to puke.

    I've been watching several of your vids since yesterday and I too love the content.

  • 2cookiesNOmilk


    F for "Fuck everyone who isn't white"

    O fir "Obviously its the fault of a minority"

    X for "Xhalapone….Xalatrone….Xala (the parody here is that Fox news are so inbred they cant spell Xylophone)"

    N for "No body understands us, why cant they understand its all the blacks fault?"

    E for "Every time a human being watches our network they get closer to being mentally retarded"

    W for "Why don't people appreciate it when we blame the black?"

    …and S for "Seriously, we got to get this of our chests….we super hate everyone with a thinking brain…..just in case the message wasn't clear….alright?…..alright"

  • freedom1234573

    many of obama critics are dumb, some are bright, but the truth of the matter is that right wing conservatives are dumb, through and though, dumb, ignorant and lazy, thats your right winger!!

  • Travis Forde

    I have no dog in any hunt here. Where was the embarrassing moment? I consistently saw two sides in any given topic that was up for debate. No big deal. It was good. I liked the video. Just didn't get the title of the video….

  • Numinous123

    Someone from Fox "news" said something racist? I'll pretend to be surprised.

    Also, it's really good news that the average Bill O'Reilly watcher is around 70 years old. Sometimes you just have to wait for the bad people in the world to die off.

  • Awesomeness

    Hello ScienceNet,

    I have a suggestion for you. Beforehand I want to say that if enough people knew this information it would CHANGE THE WORLD and that I may sound fake but al i say are facts. Look it up. Can you make a documentary about 'Phil Schneider' (1995/96) this man was murdered because he told the truth to the public. He was an ex-cia researcher for the US government for a good 17 years. He worked in Area 51 for examle. After he gave a few lectures (which was filmed and is findable on yt) he was killed in his house and he told that if he 'd ever die it wasn't suicide. There is literely to much information to tell in a comment so that's why you should watch the documentary yourself and educate yourself beacuse the goverment is lying to you. Examples of that he talks about in the documentary: he tells about underground military bases 3000ft deep something 1500 world wide, extraterrestrial life (he said E.T. And UFO's are just the tip of the iceberg) etc etc. Please watch it !!!

  • charlidog2

    I'm not a fan of Reza, but I loved his "Let's be clear, I have four degrees …". The look he gets because the host doesn't understand what a qualification is, priceless.