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  • Professicchio

    This is what happens when you grow up reading too many superhero comics or Ayn Rand (not much difference except the former are more realistic).

  • SandBox H3ro (SandBoxH3ro)

    Why didnt anyone press charges for harrassment? Like literally that was text book harassment and any of those meter maids could have filed and won, especially with the footage of them following them. I mean, the dude had to quit his job and jeapordize his livelihood because of it. I dont understand how ass hats like this can walk the streets freely.

  • RuleofFive

    1. They assume everyone starts at the same place in life.
    2. They don't want to pay for anything….roads, bridges, tunnels, schools, courts, military, EMS, Police, Fire Dept, etc.
    3. They'd kick your grandmother off social security and medicare if given half a chance
    4. Say 'fuck everyone else I got mine!'

  • pon33villin

    So a bunch of douchebags are protecting other douchebags who hog parking spaces in crowded urban areas, to protect them from the "real" douchebags who are ensuring everybody gets a fair shot at a parking space? Yeah, this one's a real chin-scratcher. Total free reign for douchebags, or a level playing field? I wonder what's the better definition of freedom?

  • zellarsDD777

    As someone who believes in the importance of individual liberty but recognizes the inherent need for some form of government (this is reality, people), it pains me to see the Libertarian party infested with so many radicals. If the party wants to grow and expand (it can!), it needs to make compromises in certain areas without giving up our individual rights.

  • Taylor Martin

    I feel this is a little extreme to be honest. I think the Libertarian party has some good people in it and we really just want to see America be free again and rid of government this, government that.

  • Jordan Green

    As a child of New age person I feel the need to point out that the white part of the ying-yang symbol stands for negative energy and the black part stands for positive energy. Neither is actually good or bad it's a symbol of duality. I wish this were funnier.

  • Rayle75

    All these children need is someone to show them their behavior is wrong… with a stern talking to… and a little slap across the back of the head… with a truck… falling from orbit.

  • Rex Mundi

    These guys are free-Keene idiots! (pun intended). Borderline sociopaths posing as libertarians. Would Thomas Jefferson think they were douchebags? Hell yeh.