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  • JMillerSPEAKSOuT

    Trump is just a racist. And people already knew he was a racist in the first place. I don't see how any could even support this man as running for president. If he does become president someone were really screwed O.o

  • optimumperformance

    Fired because he's running for president. He made no racial comments, only stating FBI statistics. Go to the FBI website and look for yourself. They attack anyone that threatens the establishment, not that he will be any better than the establishment backed candidate.

  • SweetP4real1

    Let's fire Donald Trump and all of those slimy ass Republican presidential nominees and slide Hillary on into the White House

  • Sophia P.

    He is just a sexist racist chauvinist with tons of money who treats women likes sex objects and marries a younger woman each time. I mean, common!!! He has no chance to be a president, he should use money for humanitarian aid, maybe in Mexico.

  • Eduardo Molina

    Why should a network cancel a show for the views of its producer!
    A network isn't supposed to be held accountable for those views and then cradle the sensitivity of its viewers by canceling a show whose producer has seemingly racist views.
    Everybody was celebrating and waving the rainbow flag and trying to take down another flag, while Obama finally managed to fast track the TPP.
    Lets focus on real issues. Cause now everyone from Mexico to Australia are gonna feal the real D!

  • daniel swenson

    thelipTV has a controld narrative to follow just like every network has to they never never fight for the people or stand up for us OR this country only for big bank's we all know this to true

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Im Hispanic and i not offended by what Donald said. Im offended that its been said several times before by many people and only now it gets attention. So ask ourselves why is it being addressed now? And why is that reason the only one that will make America act? Its bigger than this lil twerp.

  • Mulla Nasrudin

    Donald "The Douche" Tramp.
    I wonder where Donald's parents emigrated from? Somebody told me from Germany?
    Show us your birth certificate Le Douche! (;

  • vender1980

    A.) Mexican is not a race, it is a culture and country. Hispanic is a race, therefore saying "Racist comments" does not apply. B.) A racist is someone who thinks someone is inferior based of their skin color. I don't remember hearing Trump say anything about Hispanics being inferior because of their skin color.

  • bardmans

    Donald Trump said some people crossing the border from Mexico are rapists and criminals. He didn't say Mexican people are a bunch of rapists. That is a lie that's being used to attack Donald Trump. Watch Donald's speech – and see what he really said. Ultimately, he's a guy who wants to stand up for America – and American people of all colours. He just wants to get tough and make America strong again.