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  • darkheart1721

    American people what do you want? "A politician that doesn't lie".
    Donald Trump seems pretty straightforward, what do you think of him? "Don't like him."

  • Jcris25

    Notice how the majority don't want him to run and are up-playing the loony and joke card on him? That is a good thing. If the powers at large are already smearing him that means he's on to something.

  • Aaron N

    he's not really answering any questions at all, just blabbering on the surface and not getting into the gritty

  • Lee Reynolds

    Donald Trump is a loud-mouth, narcissistic, boorish clown, and he is completely unaware of how unintelligent he is.

  • CyanideShock

    I am not sure whether this type of campaigning works on you Americans, but its spoken about a lot over here in the UK; Trump is just scaring you lot into thinking he has the solutions, your country is doing well, calm down, make rational choices about what you want and dont fear your investments are going to implode.

  • Joseph Tyrrell

    here's an abstract thought: New reality show: How about Trump falls in on living with a lower middle class family. He has to live in an urban area or a suburb by only having an allowance of $2,500 a month. He can not use any of his fortune, any of his pull, straight live on it. Imbed himself in the situation and then I would love to see how he views onthat economic struggle change. He would also have to work as an underling in a corporate atmosphere….THERE YOU GO, make it happen.

  • Vlad Rudeychuk

    If you are going to vote for him that means you are mentally handicapped. I am not even going to argue here because that would be a waste of time.

  • enemay

    I totally agree with Mexico. Problem is not only are they taking American Jobs, products from Mexico end up being defective and they always under deliver.

  • Robert Kerbe

    Trump wants to tax China's imports but he also says China likes him. Trump Wants to essentially destroy NAFTA and make the US's relationship with Mexico worse. Trump wants to invade random countries in the Middle East and wants a gun fight between US soldiers and ISIS, even though he thinks that Invading Iraq in 2004 was the wrong decision. He destroys himself through stupidity and he will not win the republican primary because he is a rich moron who doesn't care about anything besides his back account.

  • whatever

    Great interview. Some people will mis-understand his Clinton comments, that's expected. I didn't like that woman putting words in Trump's mouth "obviously you're against raising minimum wage" he never said that. She sucks.

  • Tim Arthur

    "The middle class in this country has been wiped out! So you know what we need to do? We need have this country be run by more Wall Street guys! I pay as little taxes as possible! I just sold an apartment for 55 million dollars to a Chinese guy! I totally care about the middle class!"

    This clown.

  • thomas johny

    I never thought I would say this but Trump is growing on me. I hate politics because politicians are absolutely corrupt. Trump's the only candidate that wouldn't be able to be purchased by corporations and special interests. It blows me away I agree with everything he says. He's the only one I see being a straight shooter.