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  • sita c

    "Donald Trump has been saying that he will run for President as a Republican, which is surprising, since I just assumed he was running as a joke." – Seth Meyers, White House Correspondents Dinner, 2011

  • ngcsu

    I can't wait to see the episode where he talks about Bernie Sanders creepy ass rape poem or how Hillary made over $200 million on a government paycheck and running a charity. I doubt they'll run that episode.

  • gowatchvideo

    Do we really want the same thing in the office? Give him four years, let's see what he can do, if he can't get things done we vote him out. Do we really want another bush or Clinton? How about a change, the political machine is broken, Washington is one of the riches counties in the us. Politicians use our government as a piggy back, let's try something new, be brave! Vote trump, the political machine is broken, give him a shot at fixing it.

  • kyle morris

    This is so biased if you actually watch his dpeech and not this guy twisting Trumps words you would actually like what he says.

  • Zachary Jensen

    although that was really hilarious, it was very miss guiding. If you mix and match parts from a 45 minute speech you can make anyone sound stupid…

  • thundy08

    Wow this feels very much like a Daily Show segment! With Jon Stewart leaving, Late Night has just become the best place to follow the election and Seth's doing a great job.

  • jdmdealers

    Hum, well I guess if you like canned laughter &a strongapparent biased attitude towards Mr. Trump then you would like Seth Meyers. He isstruggling to try to be funnyhere. Maybe Seth should stick to his own material and not do abad Jon Stewart impression.

  • no hassle

    To be honest Trump is actually not the worst candidate. They are all terrible! In fact I don't think it is possible to have a noble President ever again! Too much corruption involved.

  • Joe Sphigati

    Why does Seth Meyers have a show?

    Seriously who watches his show? Does anyone find him funny? I've never heard one person talk about his show ever.

    Also this guy is completely pathetic and is the epitome of a white knight. He thinks it's sexist to forget a woman's name. Seriously check out what he said 2 minutes and 16 seconds into the video.

    Seth it's not sexist to not know the spouses' name of a famous person. Seriously that is just such a pathetic comment, you really have no backbone do you? Absolutely pathetic. I'm surprised you have a wife and that any woman would even be interested in you at all considering how much of a door mat you are.

    I'm genuinely curious, is there any woman reading my comment here who thinks not knowing a woman's name is sexist? I highly doubt it, I would be surprised if even the most batshit insane feminist believed this. That's how cringe worthy Seth's comment is.

  • b

    I love this show because it's so unbiased and bipartisan when it comes to politics. Seth never uses easy partisan jabs or logical fallacies, his Northwestern degree is really doing him good here. This may be the most intellectual comedy that has ever been done, it is amazing being alive to witness this. Seth Myers is truly one of the greatest comedic and philosophical minds of our time